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Pipe Lining and Re-lining

Line Your Damaged Pipes

Pipe lining can be a viable alternative to digging on your property.

Pipe Lining can be a viable alternative to homeowners once a problem has been discovered. When pipes are broken under the slab or if removing the old line requires tearing out driveways, sidewalks or landscape, pipe lining may be the perfect solution. This process involves inserting a “pull-in-place” liner, inflating the bladder and curing the liner creating a pipe within the pipe. The liner becomes a NEW pipe with the same durability and longevity as installing traditional lines without the destruction of digging. Because this process requires less destruction to property it can be less costly and repairs take less time than traditional methods.
Pipe Lining can also prevents future problems such as root intrusion and leaks by actually sealing any breaks or joints that may cause a homeowner problems at a later date. This process can be used to fix entire lines or just areas where problems exist. Pipe Lining is an economically friendly solution and meets industry standards.
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Broken Section of Sewer Line

Click here to see a video which shows a broken section in sewer line. Now that we have found the problem, we can fix this pipe without digging up you yard and driveway (with sound).